Hello, nice to e-meet you! I’m Ling, the hands behind TinyPinc Miniatures, also known as a miniature artist. I’ve been running TinyPinc Miniatures since 2010 and have been creating miniature food out of Polymer Clay.

I make miniature food & figurines using Polymer Clay (a kind of oven bake clay), then I turn them into jewelries like stud earrings, necklaces & bracelets. I’m always trying to make my miniatures into different things like wall art, magnets, charms and earrings. Most of the miniatures are actually made upon request!

How I started-
It all started when I was a college freshman, I was looking for a new hobby and I discovered Polymer Clay on youtube. It’s a very fascinating medium to me. As I did more research about it, I was hooked!

As I mentioned, I was still a college freshman, I don’t have much money to begin with. I saved some money to get hold of a few blocks of clay to try it out. Back in the year of 2010, polymer clay wasn’t really a thing among the crafting community in Malaysia yet. Lucky enough, after few tryouts, I kept on exploring with the help of the Internet, learning techniques and the possibilities of what I can make with this magical clay!

As I grow and continue making miniatures, I came to realise my passion for realistic food. Of course, I love making figurines too, but it wasn’t as great as food. I was exposed to famous movie characters like baymax and babygroot, which very much helped kick start my Etsy business! And I thought, this could be my full-time job!

When I first started TinyPinc, I made cakes, pies, pastries you can see in western pastry shops. They were mostly inspired by miniature artists I adore a lot. Years later, I realised that I want to make food iconic to Malaysians, and the thought of making Ang Ku Kuih came to my mind. I’m a very proud citizen of my country’s food, especially those beautiful kuihs with intricate colours and designs!

Since Malaysia is a multicultural country consisting of the so many cultural backgrounds, our food choices are unlimited! And being a Malaysian myself, it’s important to see our Malaysian food being put on to the global map. It’s a really satisfying feeling to see people getting excited over my miniatures. It feels really rewarding :’)

Speaking of putting Malaysian on the map, I’ve been participating in Art Markets overseas, like Cambodia, Hong Kong and Singapore. I’ve gotten remarks from people that they’ve tried Malaysian food and they truly miss it. Many ended up purchasing a piece of Malaysia from my stall back to their homeland. This really makes me feel wholesome and happy too 🙂

Contact me:

TinyPinc Miniatures (Ling),
(owned by TinyPinc Miniatures 002374556-M)
Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

– tinypinc@gmail.com